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The weather is dry and irritable. Beware of electrical fire

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In order to prevent the "fire" of electrical appliances, we should pay attention to the following points: first, never buy fake and shoddy household products with "three noes". When the power cord of household appliances is damaged, it shall be replaced immediately or wrapped with insulating cloth; After the household appliances are damaged, please ask a professional or send them to a repair shop for repair. 2: When using household appliances, there should be complete and reliable power cord plug. Grounding protection shall be adopted for household appliances with metal shell, and switches and fuses shall not be installed on the ground wire and neutral wire; Regularly check the wiring in the home. It is forbidden to connect the grounding wire to the water and gas pipelines. 3: The electrical equipment and gas appliances used at home should be checked frequently, especially the electrical sockets should not be placed at random, and high-power electrical appliances should not be used at the same time. When you go out, you should pay attention to unplugging the power plug. 4: The fuse used by residents should be selected according to the size of the capacitance. The selected fuse shall be 1.2 ~ 2 times of the capacity of the electric meter; The selected fuse shall meet the requirements. It is not allowed to use multiple fuses with small capacity, let alone use copper wire instead of fuse. 5: Before the electrical fire, there is a kind of precursor, which should be paid special attention to, that is, the insulation sheath of the wire will be burnt first due to overheating, giving off a bad smell of burning rubber and plastic. Therefore, when you smell this smell, you should first think that it may be caused by electrical reasons. If you can't find other reasons, you should immediately pull the switch off and cut off the power. Only after the reason is found out and properly handled can you switch on the power supply. 6: Leakage protector is a new type of electrical safety device, which can cut off the single-phase grounding fault in the operation of electrical equipment in time and prevent the electrical fire accident caused by leakage. After the fuse is blown or the leakage switch acts, the reason must be found out before switching on the switching power supply. Under no circumstances shall the fuse be short circuited or the tripping mechanism of the leakage switch be pressed with a wire to forcibly send power. 7: To put out the fire of household appliances, the power supply should be cut off immediately. If the power is cut off by switching off, you must wear insulating gloves and keep away from people to avoid burns to the face caused by arc jet when cutting off the power. When cutting off the power supply with electrician pliers or dry wooden handle axe, the phase line and ground line of the power supply shall be cut off one by one, otherwise it will cause short circuit and cause greater disaster. When putting out a fire, close the doors and windows to prevent the wind from supporting combustion. Never use water and fire extinguisher to spray electrical equipment to put out the fire, because high-temperature electrical equipment will explode and hurt people when it is cooled by water. After the fire is put out, the doors and windows must be opened in time.

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